Weyerhaeuser Commercial (1996) (Paper Recycling: You’re never too young to start recycling.)

▷ Today’s Sentences (14) (Difficulty: 2/4)

A boy is looking at a girl in class.
The girl is sitting across the aisle from the boy.
She isn’t looking at him. She is paying attention to the teacher.
The boy gets her attention and passes her a note.
The girl receives the note and unfolds it.
The note reads “I love you. Do you love me?”
There are yes and no checkboxes below the question.
She marks her answer and passes the note back.
He carefully opens the note and finds her answer is “no.”
He looks really disappointed.
He looks up and makes eye contact with another cute girl.
She smiles and raises her eyebrows at him.
He erases the “no” and passes her the note.
You’re never too young to start recycling.
curious-little-boy How old were you when you first had a crush on someone?
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