Toyota Vios Commercial (2005): Lake Monster

▷ Today’s Sentences (9) (Difficulty: 2/4)

A man is jogging and listening to music.
Something attracts his attention.
There is a nice car by a lake.
The man approaches the car to take a closer look.
The man touches the car and it falls over.
The car is not real. It’s a cardboard cutout.
Suddenly, a huge octopus-like monster comes out of the lake and drags the man into the water.
A tentacle comes out and sets up the cutout again.
The monster is using the car as bait to lure people near the water.
curious-little-boy ♣ lure [verb]
To lure someone means to trick them into a particular place or to trick them into doing something that they should not do. (Collins Dictionary)

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