Pepsi Kung-fu Shaolin Boy Commercial (2002)

▷ Today’s Sentences (13) (Difficulty: 2/4)

A boy knocks on the door of a temple.
An old monk answers the door.
The old monk has a strange mark on his forehead.
The boy has his head shaved.
They train the boy.
The master shakes his head in disappointment.
Time has passed and now the boy is a young man.
The young man completes all the tasks, breaking every brick and board.
They all open a can of Pepsi and drink it.
The young man figures out what to do with his empty can.
He crushes his empty can with his forehead.
Now he has the same mark on his forehead as everybody else.
Everyone rushes to congratulate him.
curious-little-boy ♣ brick [noun]
a block used for building walls and other structures (Macmillan Dictionary)

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