Mr. W (2/2 Description): Epuron Commercial (2007)

▷ Today’s Sentences (14) (Difficulty: 2/4)

A man is being interviewed.
He is dressed in black.
He lifts a woman’s skirt up.
He throws sand in a little girl’s face.
He messes up a woman’s hair.
He drops a flower pot from a balcony.
The flower pot smashes in front of two old women.
He knocks some plastic bottles out of a shopping cart.
He overturns a shade tent.
He slams a shutter a couple of times.
He turns an old man’s umbrella inside out.
He knocks a man’s hat off.
He kicks a box on the street.
He rustles a man’s newspaper.
curious-little-boy ♣ rustle [verb]
to make a sound like the one that leaves or sheets of paper make when they move (Macmillan Dictionary)

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