Mentos Commercial (2005) : How to sneak into class when you’re late

▷ Today’s Sentences (12) (Difficulty: 2/4)

A student is running down a corridor.
He is late for class.
The professor is busy writing something on the blackboard.
He is bald on top with gray hair on the sides.
He is wearing glasses.
He has a mustache and a beard.
The student tries to sneak into the classroom.
The professor notices the student and turns around.
He glances at his watch.
Is this the time to come to class? Get out!
The student is late again, but this time he quietly walks backward to his seat.
Where do you think you’re going? Sit down!
curious-little-boy ♣ sneak [verb]
If you sneak somewhere, you go there very quietly on foot, trying to avoid being seen or heard. (Collins Dictionary)

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