LG Ultra HD TV Commercial (2013) Meteor Prank in Job Interview

▷ Today’s Sentences (13) (Difficulty: 2/4)

Two men are carrying a boxed TV.
They unbox the TV.
A man wipes the TV screen.
They install hidden cameras.
They install the TV in place of a window.
Each job applicant walks into the office, shakes hands with the interviewer, and takes a seat across from the interviewer.
The interviewer asks questions and the interviewee answers them.
Suddenly a meteor appears in the sky.
It is so realistic that each interviewee panics.
The meteor crashes into the city and causes a huge explosion.
The lights go out and they are left alone in the dark.
The lights come back on and people walk in laughing.
They tell their victims that it was a prank.
curious-little-boy What would you do if the world was ending tomorrow?
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