Heaven can wait. Buckle up. (Dexia, 2002): Best seatbelt commercial!

▷ Today’s Sentences (12) (Difficulty: 2/4)

You see an open meadow and some branches of a tree on the right.
Suddenly, there is a loud bang and the branches shake violently.
A car has just crashed into the tree.
There are three people in the car.
They are all unconscious.
Their souls separate from their bodies.
The souls of the driver and the passenger in the backseat leave their bodies and rise to heaven.
The soul of the passenger in the front seat struggles to leave its body, but it can’t.
The seatbelt is holding back the soul.
The soul gives up and returns to its body.
The passenger wakes up.
Heaven can wait. Buckle up.
curious-little-boy ♣ meadow [noun]
a field with wild grass and flowers (Longman Dictionary)

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