Giving is the best communication. (Truemove H, 2013)

▷ Today’s Sentences (25) (Difficulty: 1.5/4)

A boy is caught stealing medicine.
Come out here, thief!
Let me see! What did you steal?
What are you going to do with this?
Answer me!
(I’m going to) Give it to my mom.
Wait a second.
Is your mom sick?
The boy nods his head.
The man pays for the medicine.
The daughter of the man brings a bag of veggie soup.
The man puts the medicine in the bag and gives the bag to the boy.
The boy grabs the bag and runs away.
Thirty years have passed.
The man has a heart attack (or a stroke).
He falls backward.
The daughter rushes to him.
The daughter is calling someone in tears.
They can’t afford the medical bills.
The daughter looks really worried.
The shop is up for sale.
The daughter wakes up to find a letter next to her.
All expenses were paid 30 years ago with 3 packs of painkillers and a bag of veggie soup.
The boy her father helped has become a doctor.
Giving is the best communication.
curious-little-boy Do a nice thing for someone, and have a good day~

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