Everlast Commercial (2011) (Boxing makes you bigger.)

▷ Today’s Sentences (18) (Difficulty: 2/4)

A boy is running in the neighborhood.
He punches the air while running.
He wraps his hands with hand wraps.
He hits a punching bag.
His little brother holds the punching bag for him.
He jumps rope.
He trains really hard.
He looks so determined.
In a boxing match he defeats his opponent.
People on the street greet him, and he greets them back.
On the way home they encounter a big boy.
The big boy approaches them.
The big boy tries to rob them.
The boxer opens his fist, puts his hand in his pocket, and takes out some money.
The robber runs off with the money.
Why didn’t you beat him up?
He is hungry.
Boxing makes you bigger.
curious-little-boy Have you ever been robbed?
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