Don’t sell your hair to a wig shop. (DirecTV Commercial, 2012)

▷ Today’s Sentences (8) (Difficulty: 2/4)

When you have cable and can’t find something good to watch, you get depressed.
When you get depressed, you attend seminars.
When you attend seminars, you feel like a winner.
When you feel like a winner, you go to Vegas.
When you go to Vegas, you lose everything.
And when you lose everything, you sell your hair to a wig shop.
Don’t sell your hair to a wig shop.
Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.
curious-little-boy ♣ attend [verb]
to go to an event such as a meeting or a class (Longman Dictionary)
▷ Only 5 people attended the meeting.


  1. Tong said:

    It is really impressional.
    Thanks a lot.

    October 7, 2016
    • Young said:

      My pleasure.
      By the way, your comment is the first in this website. Thanks.

      October 7, 2016

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