De Lijn Commercial (2011) (It’s smarter to travel in groups. (Crabs))

▷ Today’s Sentences (13) (Difficulty: 3/4)

A group of crabs are walking on a beach.
A seagull flies across the screen.
A little crab sees the seagull and gasps.
The seagull looks at the little crab and licks its beak.
The seagull dives at its prey.
The little crab snaps its claws to let the group know that it’s in danger.
The group gathers around the little crab and forms a four-by-four grid.
Each crab raises a claw.
The seagull tries to stop, but it’s too late.
As the seagull passes just above the crabs, flapping its wings, the crabs quickly cut its feathers.
The seagull lands on the beach naked.
The little crab cuts the one remaining feather left on its tail.
It’s smarter to travel in groups. Take the bus.
curious-little-boy There are three De Lijn, a public transport company in Belgium, commercials in WaLiRe so far – penguins(#8), ants(#9), and crabs(#14). What is your favorite of the three?
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