De Lijn Commercial (2009) (It’s smarter to travel in groups. (Penguins))

▷ Today’s Sentences (10) (Difficulty: 2/4)

There is a group of penguins on an iceberg.
The iceberg is floating along.
A large dorsal fin comes out of the water.
It’s an orca, also known as a killer whale.
The killer whale charges toward the penguins with its mouth open.
A penguin says something to the others.
All the penguins move to one side of the iceberg, and the other side rises.
The killer whale slams into the iceberg.
The penguins laugh and move back to the middle.
It’s smarter to travel in groups. Take the bus.
curious-little-boy What would have happened if the top of the iceberg was really icy and slippery?
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