A Christmas Love Story (Mobistar Commercial, 2015)

▷ Today’s Sentences (18) (Difficulty: 3/4)

A man bumps into a woman on an outdoor ice skating rink.
They stare at each other for a while before they go their separate ways.
The man gets off the train.
While he is walking along the platform, he makes eye contact with a woman in the train.
It takes him a few seconds to realize that she’s the woman from the ice rink.
He runs back, but it’s too late. The train leaves without him.
The man is walking his dog at night.
He runs into the woman from the ice rink.
She is walking her dog as well.
They kiss and she leaves.
The man arrives at a party.
A woman greets him and takes his coat.
To his surprise, he runs into the woman from the ice rink once again.
They look at each other and hold hands.
Ah, Tim! You made it!
Do you recognize your cousin?
(She has) Changed quite a bit, hasn’t she?
Stay in touch with your family.
curious-little-boy Who was your first love? How did you meet him/her?

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