Camlin Permanent Marker (2006, India)

▷ Today’s Sentences (16) (Difficulty: 3/4)

In India, bangles, lockets and a vermilion mark on the forehead are symbols of a married woman.
Daily, the husband applies the vermilion on the wife’s forehead as it is believed to be connected to his lifeline.
When the husband dies, Rudalis (professional mourners) come and strip the woman of these symbols.
It’s a windy day.
Women dressed in black are sitting outside a hut.
Inside the hut, a man is dying.
He is having difficulty breathing.
His wife is sitting next to him.
When he dies, the mourners wail and enter the hut.
The wife looks dazed.
They take off the wife’s bangles and remove her locket.
They try to wipe off her vermilion mark.
They keep trying, but the mark won’t come off.
Just then, the husband coughs and comes back to life.
The husband used a red permanent marker instead of vermilion on his wife’s forehead.
A bangle is a rigid, ring-shaped bracelet.
curious-little-boy ♣ vermilion [vərˈmɪljən]
bright red or red-orange in color
♣ locket [ˈlɑkət]
a piece of jewelry that consists of a very small case that you wear around your neck on a chain. (Macmillan Dictionary)

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